As a corporate trainer or instructional designer, you naturally want your material to engage your audience and inform them in a way that maximizes comprehension.  You know that you have the challenge of keeping their attention.  That is made even tougher by the fact that your audience often is not physically present with you.  They could be anywhere, from a laptop in their office to a smartphone in an airport departure lounge.  eLearning has fundamentally changed corporate training.  Add to that, sometimes you have to make not-so-exciting information interesting.  With more distractions and a shorter average attention span, your work is cut out for you!

Done well, eLearning has many advantages :

  • eLearning is user-driven: Students study when and where they choose.
  • Lessons can be repeated without limit across multiple platforms.
  • Content can be constantly updated and communicated instantly to students throughout organizations virtually anywhere in the world.
  • eLearning offers lower-cost alternatives compared to conventional education venues.
  • When delivered effectively, eLearning consistently results in higher retention rates and increased probability of returning students as consumers of quality instruction.

Then there are the challenges of designing and implementing a successful eLearning program.  Foremost, someone needs to narrate the course.  For some organizations, the logical choice might seem to be having in-house educators deliver eLearning content.  This comes at the cost of diverting resources from an employee’s otherwise productive responsibilities.  More significantly, few classroom lecturers are trained or skilled in professional speaking, and the quality of the narration can be compromised by inexperienced talent.

For your training programs to appeal, you must make your courses interesting and relatable.  You can’t just recite flat, dry information and expect people to remain engaged or retain what you’re teaching.  You need authenticity and “human-ness.”  An experienced voice over professional brings a personal touch, instructs in an engaging way, gives your courses personality, and makes your audience feel as if it were tailored just for them.  Your students will care and retain more from a polished, professional delivery.

How can we elevate your eLearning program?

Where can you find experienced talent to work this type of magic?  That is where I enter the picture.  Whether you are seeking a tone that is commanding and compelling, or comfortable and easy-going, I can provide that.  I can be the voice of assuring authority, or be friendly and conversational ‑‑ and anything in between!

With the flexibility to tailor my delivery to the style most suitable for your content, I bring a vocal quality that connects to the heart and mind of your audience.  Working together, we will make listening and remembering an easy experience.  Even if your material is complicated or involves technical terminology, I make conveying complex information seem natural, easy, and authentic.

Whatever the field ‑‑ medical, financial, legal, human resources, technology, safety ‑‑ I have the confident, professional style to be the voice of your organization.

Whether you’re creating eLearning modules, employee training, training videos, whiteboard videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, educational programs, or product demonstrations, you will feel at ease knowing that a confident professional communicator is giving clear, articulate expression to your message.

Save time and make your eLearning project better ‑‑ doing it well and doing it right.  It’s not always an easy job, but my get-it-done attitude and dependable professionalism will sure make it look that way.  When you are ready to know more, try out my voice with a phone call or send me an email so we can start talking about your project.  Let’s work together to produce solutions that are perfect for you!

Let me help YOU … to help people.

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