Automotive Voice Over

Impact.  Being successful in automotive commercial advertising means creating a real impact.  Automotive advertising is very competitive, and standing out takes hard work, creativity, and talent.  The right script, the right shots, the right music, the right message.  And pulling it all together is the right voice over.

With thousands of commercials vying for our attention, you need a voice that cuts through the noise and is heard  ‑‑  a voice with presences ‑‑ a voice that grabs and holds the interest of your audience.

Getting that sale starts with effective marketing copy and ends with a talented voice over artist nailing the spot that brings your buyer into the showroom.

What makes your automotive advertising stand out?

Just as not all dealerships are alike, not all voice talent is alike.  The perception is that all automotive commercials sound the same.  Sometimes people are surprised to discover how different they really are.  The reality is that today’s market requires automotive voice over talent to be as distinctive as the automobiles they’re selling.

It’s important for dealerships to find and utilize the talent that represents their brand identity.  I’ll work with you to develop customized variations in tone and style to ensure that each model and event has that perfect sound.  What’s the perfect sound?  It’s the one that appeals to the right audience.

How about a smooth voice for your luxury inventory?  A deep, captivating voice that seamlessly sells your BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Lexus.

What about tough utility vehicles or those made to go off-road?  A rugged, matter-of-fact voice for your Jeep, Dodge RAM, Chevy Silverado, Ford Raptor, or Nissan Titan types.

Or maybe you just need a comfortable, conversational voice for your Honda Civic or Toyota Camry customers.

People often make big decisions, like buying a car, by listening to a trusted friend.  When your advertising features a voice that reminds them of someone they already know and trust, your customers feel comfortable and confident about giving you their business.

Advertising in the Automotive Industry Takes Work

Perhaps there’s no more fast-paced marketing in the world than automotive advertising.  There are price points and special offers to be highlighted, endless to-do lists and choices that must be factored into the final production, all on a tight marketing deadline.

An automotive voice over spot contains a lot of information, and your voice over talent must be able to deliver it clearly, with the right level of energy, and within exact time constraints without sacrificing personality and authenticity.

In radio, the right voice is even more crucial.  Audio becomes the “face” of your dealership, in some respects approaching the importance of your logo, storefront, and brand identity.

Quality commercials are a vital investment for the growth and success of your business.  Keeping a vibrant auto dealership running smoothly and profitably takes continual delivery of quality ads from someone who understands your business and audience, a person who ensures the dependability you need.

In a high-pressure environment, nothing feels better than having the confidence that everything is being handled reliably.  It enables you to focus and devote more energy to other aspects of your business.  In the meantime, I’ll be working to bring you, new customers!

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