Economic Development

… it’s all about opportunities in commerce that will draw people into your community.

Healthy Economic Development is Not an Accident

There’s a lot riding on attracting the right businesses to your community.  But with tens of thousands of communities contending for site selection interest and global investment, how will you compete?

It’s not just about selling the desirability of your community.  It’s about demonstrating YOUR value as the solution to THEIR problems.

What does every growing business need?  They need a location, a supportive community, a place from which to engage industry and grow ‑‑ and where there is room in the market to create a real impact.

  • How are you communicating your stories of relevance and good returns to stakeholders and community investors?
  • How are you ensuring businesses hear of opportunities for additional growth with new or established stakeholder partners?
  • How are you nurturing good relations with the organizations and residents already within your community?
  • How are you engaging the interest of corporate decision makers? How will you persuade them?
  • What problems does your community solve? How will that help businesses overcome obstacles and perform better?
  • What’s most likely to inspire businesses to embrace your community for their projects, development, or expansion?

The stakes are high.  MILLIONS, or even BILLIONS, of investment dollars, are on the line with the choice or rejection of a location.  How will your small- to medium-sized community stand out ?

Here’s a secret:  stop selling and start HELPING.  Start uncovering problems worth solving.

The art of creating value begins with the ability to look at your community through their eyes.

LISTEN to the executives of these enterprises while they’re in the exploratory phase.  What are their desires, their needs, their hopes ‑‑ their vision ?

Identify their problems.  Address their needs.  Be their solution.

Do this with heart and it becomes an integral part of the story behind your community.  Be authentic.  If you’re pushing a story you don’t believe in, your audience will sense it immediately.  Don’t just fall back on facts and figures ‑‑ tell the story of your community and draw in your listener so that they become a part of that story.

The story of YOUR community needs to become THEIR story too.

Be a Neighbor Before You’re Actually Neighbors

What are we talking about here? :

Workforce skills, transportation infrastructure, workforce development, higher education resources, utilities (cost and reliability), right-to-work laws, state and local taxes, ease of permitting and regulatory procedures, quality of life, and economic incentives.

These are topics that may not always appear to lend themselves to compelling storytelling. ‑‑ or do they?

My father was the mayor of the fastest growing city in America, so I observed some of what goes into economic development from a unique vantage point and came to recognize the importance of deliberate endeavors by community leaders.  I learned that healthy economic development doesn’t happen by accident.

Telling a compelling story doesn’t happen by accident either.  This is where professionals will be helpful.  Your story needs to be delivered with authenticity: thoughtful, well-written copy, music that sets the right tone, and effective voice over narration.  This is the intersection of art and commerce.  It’s what elevates your story to a whole new level.

It all begins with vivid storytelling that compels decision-makers to want to learn more about what you have to offer.  When you can successfully reach those major employers ‑‑ speaking to the heart ‑‑ then you’ll drive economic growth into your community.

Want the BIG fish to bite?

In his book, Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story, author Peter GUBER wrote:

Make sure your call to action resonates.  Every story needs something that will move the audience emotionally to hear your call to action.”

Give yourself a head start.  Capture their eyes, their ears, their minds ‑‑ their hearts.  Make your story their story too.

I can help you tell that story.  I’m eager to get to know you, your community, and your audience.  Let’s push the limits of engaging storytelling.

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