“Do you see a man skillful in his work?  He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.”
~ Proverbs 22:29

Conservative GOP Political Voice Over


A Trusted Voice for America
Those who tell the stories rule society.” ‑‑ a timeless truth attributed to Plato.

Who will help you tell YOUR story?

  • A compelling voice that practically drives conservative voters straight to the ballot.
  • One of the foremost persuasive voices in American political advertising.
  • Someone like you: pro-life, pro-lower taxes, pro-religious freedom, pro-states’ rights, pro-capitalism, pro-2nd Amendment, and pro-Constitution.

Look no further for that trusted voice ‑‑ one who shares YOUR outlook and the values of YOUR target audience.

Let’s Give Your Campaign Message the Right Edge

Whether it’s voiceovers for television, radio, or internet marketing, I work exclusively with conservative GOP candidates and issue campaigns at every level ‑‑ local, state, and national.

Congressional. Senatorial. Gubernatorial. Presidential.  I’ll provide the kind of gravitas that gives your conservative message the credibility needed with today’s audience.

Instantly Boost Your Campaign’s Success

Whatever type of political media you’re developing, we can help ensure your message gets results!  Let’s bring your target audience exactly what they’re looking for.

Believability, concern, both hard and soft political reads ‑‑ we’ll infuse your message with depth and authority.

We can saturate your words with quiet strength, sincere conviction, intensity, thoughtfulness, and compassion … the kind of voice that brings much needed assurance to voters.

Do you need a warm and folksy delivery for your message, or tough and plain-spoken?  Confident political spokesman or down-to-earth “everyman”?  You decide ‑‑ I bring the versatility to communicate your message in the exact way that resonates with your audience’s core values and motivates them into action.

Need to deliver the hard punch, to hit challenging issue ads with strength, but pull back with sensitive subjects that call for a gentle approach?  I can do that too.

Whether you require the voice of sincerity or the voice of authority, a voice of anger or the voice of a friend, a conversational storyteller or an urgent warning, I will give you the read that makes your political advertisements count.

Ready to Make a Difference in Your Campaign?  Let’s Do This.

There’s a relationship between business, politics, and marketing ‑‑ I get it!  Time is money, and I won’t waste yours, especially in the heat of a political battle.

If this sounds like what you need, let’s talk about how we can work together to make your next political project a success.

You’ll find that I’m easy to work with, even when the race and the pace are most hectic.

EXPEDIENT TURNAROUND and outstanding reads during an election are the bottom line in political commercial voiceovers.

Perhaps best of all, we’ll really enjoy working together.


I will give you the read that makes your political advertisements count.

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